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Key perspectives

Environments change infrastructure must evolve, transforming ICT

Transforming ICT delivery

As the core of learning evolves to research based paradigms involving the analysis and synthesis of large amounts of information, students must have access to this material all the time and in flexible ways.

In their personal lives they will have access many kinds of digital media via - iPads, eReaders, Smartphones, Laptops and MAC’s.  

Formal environments must formulate models that integrate -

NexGen’s Core Consulting Framework for education can help you transform the way ICT is delivered.

At the core of our approach is clearly defining -

Past, Present and Future Scenarios, thus avoiding duplicate investments and infrastructure which is not fit for purpose.

Many of our customers have evolved from fixed ICT suites to laptop trollies, to several of each and then hit a road block as to where they go next; in addition to this schools and colleges are expanding.

In parallel to this the applications and methods used to access them has changed. ICT is now primarily Web based, this requires access devices (iPads, eReaders, Laptops); fast network infrastructure (Wireless) and fast broadband speeds.

However our research shows that you will currently fall into one of the following scenarios -

NexGen Solutions has been working with schools and colleges for the last 8 years transforming the way ICT is used and devliverd. Many of customers are now at ‘device per pupil’ (DPP) usage and ICT is an integral part of every lesson all day long.

If you would like to discuss how we can assist you in evolving your ICT infrastructure and methods please call or email us and we would be happy to help you structure your strategy and plans for ICT.

Examples of our work can be provided upon contact and request from across 109 Local Authorities. We look forward to hearing from you.